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Kigo Image Converter is free software that lets you convert any image to the format it supports. There are many images that do not open in other programs because of the file format they support. But it makes your work easy by converting any image format into the one you require. Some other image converters include Format Factory, and Free Online Image Converter.

You can convert as many images you want to in one go. Apart from just converting images into other formats, it also scales the size of images and can add watermark to images. The images you select will be shown as thumbnails and you just have to click on the ‘convert’ button to convert the picture.

Download Kigo Image Converter


  • The file formats that it supports are –  Windows Bitmap (.BMP), JPEG (.JPG), JPEG 2000 (.J2K), JPC (.jPC), PNG (.PNG), TIFF (.TIF,.TIFF), TGA (.TGA), PCX (.PCX), PNM (.PNM)
  • It lets you add watermarks to images
  • [advt]It lets you scale the size of any image
  • You can set the position, text and font of the image where you want to watermark
  • It can also be used as a thumbnail maker
  • It allows batch conversion

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