Download COMODO Backup – Free Backup Tool for Windows

 COMODO Backup is free backup tool for windows.  It is somewhat unique in allowing you to backup entire drives and partitions as well as files and settings. Everything is handled from a reasonably intuitive interface, although it can take some clicking to familiarize yourself with all of the available options, which include files and directories, Registry settings, email, browser and IM settings, and user folder as well as system state.

Scheduled backups are supported, and the program syncs in closely with COMODO’s online backup service, offering another destination for your backups, albeit for the cost of a subscription.

Download  COMODO Backup

It has many advanced features, such as the ability to password-protect archives or quickly back up files using preset profiles, have been removed from the Free version and will be restricted to the Pro release instead. On their own, they’re not enough to completely cripple the program for free users, but it does take away some of the program’s gloss.

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