Dorgem – Download Free Webcam Capture Software for Windows

Dorgem is a free open source web cam capture application for Windows. Any Video for Windows compatible webcam or other digital camera  is supported.

It has unlimited storage events that can put the captured image on an FTP site as well as a local disk, all with their own time interval. It can put a text and bitmap on the captured image before the image is stored.

Dorgem supports an unlimited number of cameras. It has a built-in web server for still images and can be used as security camera because of its motion detection.


  • The filenames for File and FTP storage can be time related.
  • Added %G caption format. It displays the date in filename safe yyyy/mm/dd format
  • [advt]Added %g caption format. It displays the time in filename safe hhmmss format
  • Added %z caption format. It displays the difference between the current time and UTC.
  • The Text Caption has two types of shadow
  • The Text Caption can be read the first line of a text file. So you can generate a text file from another application with dynamic information and put it on the image.
  • The length of the Text Caption can be limited
  • It is also possible to specify the interval in minutes and hours for all storage events
  • Both caption types have a new dialog to handle the position. Therefore now it is possible to configure the absolute position without editing in the registry.
  • Deleted the text caption tag ‘%W’

Download Dorgem

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