Docx2Rtf – Convert Word 2007 and OpenOffice Files to RTF Format

Docx2Rtf is a freeware file converter for MS Word 2007 Docx and OpenOffice Sxw and Odt files. It can convert Word 2007 DOCX/DOTX and OpenOffice SXW/ODT files to RTF or PDF format without needing Word or OpenOffice installed. Word 2007 Docx files (*.docx; *.dotx) and OpenOffice files (*.sxw,*.odt) will be converted to richtext (rtf) format with partial formatting and images.

Docx2Rtf will show you a page by page layout of what was retrieved and let you send it to your printer or batch convert entire folders via the command line. Docx2Rtf can also convert those Word 2007 and OpenOffice documents to PDF format. Docx2Rtf also allows you to view most common graphic file formats. Version 3.4 allows you to extract text from pdf files.[advt]

Docx2Rtf remove the problem with the change from doc to docx is that many users are still working with prior versions of Word or no Microsoft product at all they can’t load the docx file in older version. (eg word 2007 file format cannot open in 2003 file format).

It can extract most of the information back from locked files and allow you to save it to richtext format which can be read by almost any modern word processing application.

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