: Low Cost GPS Tracking Solutions

Spanish firm QITLabs had made two GPS applications, for business class GPS tracking and Where Are You? for personal GPS tracking. According to the company, is a GPS tracking solution, which reduces the cost of GPS tracking by avoiding the installation of expensive hardware solutions. is an easy to use application. One can install the application for free in the devices which he wants to track without any complication with the help of a step by step guided process.

The tracking interface is user friendly. With, one doesn’t need to wait to start receiving access to premium licenses, they can transfer licenses to new company devices, downgrade the license of a device that is no longer in use, and upgrade a new device to premium status with a simple click in their account.

The user can also assign a different cursor and color to each of their devices, making it easier for them to locate each of their employees at a glance – visualize the last location of all of their devices in a single view, set up custom alerts for each device, create device groups etc from’s online interface.

With, a user can prepare business reports at ease, that means the user can get a detailed tracking report – frequency of speed alert notifications, miles traveled over the speed limit, speed reports, number of warning zone notifications, map displays of all recently visited locations etc. uses GPS technology to track and manage user’s vehicles, fleet and employees. It will automatically use WiFi services to gather approximate locations when no GPS signal is available. If there’s no internet connection, then the locations are collected and stored until an internet connection becomes available.

The Points of Interest can help user keep track of the most frequent locations of their devices. User can calculate the distance between their device and the Point of interest to determine estimated time of arrival (ETA) for increased security and productivity.

The API access allows the user to integrate with their ERP, CRM and SCM systems with the’s online help. is available on three plans named FREE, Monthly and Yearly. The application can be downloaded from here.

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