SlideRocket – Create and Manage Online Presentations

SlideRocket provides users with all the tools they need to create and manage stunning online presentations, share them securely with people across the globe, and measure their effectiveness, in a single, fully-integrated package. It is a powerful, unique, comprehensive presentation software solution that provides a full suite of features and capabilities to address all facets of the presentation lifecycle from authoring, collaboration, and review and approval, through publishing, delivery, and management.

SlideRocket offers:

  • An integrated, intuitive interface for all phases of the presentation lifecycle, from creation and collaboration, through publishing and delivery
  • Rapid import of existing PowerPoint slides, to instantly convert desktop slides into engaging online presentations
  • Anytime, anywhere access to online presentations, from any Web-enabled PC or handheld device
  • Advanced collaboration capabilities, including version controls, dynamic synchronization, and privacy features, that make it easy for multiple users to work together to create online presentations
  • [advt]A comprehensive marketplace for purchasing content like themes, stock photography, cartoons, smart art, data feeds, audio, video, illustrations, animations, and plug-ins
  • A library for organizing and storing online presentations, to ensure fast and easy retrieval
  • The ability to instantly incorporate data and content from third-party sources
  • Unhindered presentation sharing in an intuitive, yet highly secure environment
  • The ability to hold Internet meetings, directly from within the SlideRocket environment
  • In-depth metrics, such as click-throughs, forwards, and form submissions, that provide complete and accurate assessments of the effectiveness of each online

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