Create Movie from Your Facebook Timeline Using TimeLine Movie Maker

TimeLine Movie Maker is a movie maker application for Facebook.  It makes you want to upload more photos to Facebook. More photos from earlier in your life, more photos of you with all your friends, and photos that show all the places you’ve been. It’s probably the most effective user engagement tool Facebook has right now, other than vengeful old friends with access to your yearbook. You head to the Movie Maker site, and give Timeline Movie Maker access to, basically, everything your friends can see on yourFacebook Timeline. The app then cranks for a surprisingly short amount of time, and follows up with the first screening of your roughly one-minute video.

Features of Timeline MovieMaker

  • Easy to use Facebook Application.
  • Creates your own Facebook timeline movie.
  • Choose soundtrack for your movie.
  • Remake your Facebook Timeline movie.
  • Replace any image from your movie with a single click.
  • Replay your movie.
  • Share your movie with your Facebook friends.

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