Create Flash-based Avatar Using urFooz Dynamic Potable Profile

urFooz is a dynamic potable profile that allows you to create a virtual look-a-like with Fooz Creator, consolidate your web-life with Fooz World, and personalize your world with Fooz Mall. Let user engage their online social networks from the convenience of a single interface.

It is access from most internet-ready consumer electronics device including computer, TV and mobile phone. It makes it easy for people to personalize, remix and share web contents for the discovery of interest based social connections.

Fooz Creator – Create a Virtual You

Fooz Creator allows users to create a Flash-based avatar or virtual representation of themselves which can then be customized to the user’s wishes. Avatars are a safe, personalized way of expressing a user’s personality, interests, passions or causes and are used as a virtual ¬†identity. Fooz Creator allows users to create the most life-like avatar. New features include a new, cleaner and simpler design, along with the opportunity for users to narrow feature selection based on their gender, ethnicity, and interests.

Fooz World – Consolidate your Web-Life

[advt]Fooz World allows users to manage their Fooz avatars and card as well as one-click sharing to over 42 sites. New features include the ability to consolidate and post to Facebook, Twitter and urFooz activity streams using a single interface, an aggregated Instant Messaging solution that includes Facebook Chat, Google Talk, MySpace IM, AIM and Twitter, and the ability to add any Open Social compliant widgets. The new social networking features include finding and adding friends on urFooz, Facebook and Twitter and gifting items throughout any of these networks.

Fooz Mall – Personalize your World

Fooz Mall, an innovative virtual goods platform, has the most new features in the urFooz ecosystem. Fooz Mall features thousands of virtual goods to personalize your avatar and promote yourself. Get the latest NBA gear or look at Fooz Style branded items to showcase your passion for food and scuba diving or showcase your heritage by wearing the latest in virtual kilts and kimonos.

  • Recommendation Engine jointly developed with Wolfram Alpha – gives you recommendations based on your purchase history, social profile, browsing history, or like purchases.
  • Easy, no hassle, one-click buying with 85 payment methods in 180 countries.
  • Search by product, category or brand
  • Fooz Nation – Make it, Sell it, Get Famous! Explore your inner virtual entrepreneur – Fooz Nation allows users to create their own store front and easily create their own virtual items for sale.



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