Bantam Live – Marketing Platform for Small Businesses

Bantam Live marks a key step in Constant Contact’s plans to build a complete engagement marketing platform for small businesses, nonprofits and member organizations. Building highly-engaged customer relationships is a critical success factor for small organizations. To do this, they need a unified view of their contacts across all channels, from email addresses to social media connections, to event registrations. Bantam Live’s innovative social CRM technologies with its own development initiatives to create a platform that gives small organizations the ability to see how their customers share, refer, endorse and engage with their brand across all channels.

Why social CRM is important?

Ongoing[advt] customer engagement drives business success. Social media channels offer a significant opportunity for small businesses to continually engage with their customers and prospects.

Simply put, social CRM enables small businesses to keep track of who their customers are, and how best to interact with them, especially the most engaged ones. It also provides insight into how well relationships are built and maintained along the way.

The Constant Contact Engagement Platform comes together when contacts, content and insight are delivered through the right channel at the right time to the right customer.

It committed to helping customers build relationships with their customers that drive business success. The planned addition of social CRM capabilities into all Constant Contact products will help it customers better track, measure and increase customer engagement — giving them an additional leg up on the competition.

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