Create and Publish HTML5 Videos on Website – Download Easy HTML5 Video

Easy HTML5 Video is a simple tool which makes it extremely straightforward to create and publish HTML5 videos on your website. At a minimum, all you have to do is drag and drop your videos onto the program, and click the Start button. Easy HTML5 Video will then use the popular file format conversion library FFmpeg to convert your clips so they’re web-ready.

Download Easy HTML5 Video

And once the transcoding is complete, the program can publish the results directly to your website (via FTP), or to a local folder for testing. Try out the latter option and you’ll see it produces a web page, with a Flash player, a WebM video which will work in all the latest browsers, and an MP4 version just as a fallback, in case a visitor can’t view the HTML5 content after all.

[advt]If this is a little too basic then an initial Options dialog allows you to apply a few tweaks. You’re able to resize the video, if you like; give it a custom title; decide whether the video should play as soon as the page is loaded, or wait for a user click; and more.

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