KeySurf – Free Mouse Control Software

KeySurf is free mouse control software that lets you browse web without using mouse, and to move very quickly to specifically desired links. You can use your keyboard to select any button or link, and browse web effectively. KeySurf is specially created for people with disabilities.

Instead of pointing and clicking (with a mouse) on the link you want to follow, you just start typing the letters the desired link starts with, and it will select the link for you.

It is designed to remember your website surfing history and your personal searching style or patterns and, through this, is able to estimate which link you are trying to select, and help you select it faster.

KeySurf has been designed for people who are more comfortable using a keyboard than a mouse, or similar input device. It will allow you to browse web pages and find information on the World Wide Web.

Download KeySurf 

Keysurf works with any device that can produce character output.

These include:

  • [advt]Regular computer keyboards
  • Specialized keyboards like the IntelliKeys
  • On-Screen Keyboards
  • Speech recognition software

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