Convert eBooks into Other Formats for Free at is a digital library which takes eBooks from Project Gutenberg, the Internet Archive and other free sources and converts them to file formats suitable for e-readers, such as PDF, ePub and other popular formats. All the eBooks in the site are available for free.

[advt]The eBooks are generated on demand using a variety of tools and cached using Amazon’s S3 service. The main conversion tools used are gut/txt2html for converting text to html, PHP-PDB for Palm Doc, rbmake for RocketBook format, htmldoc for HTML to PDF conversion, makebook for eReader format, Desktop Connection Library for Newton Paperback format, Calibre for ePUB format etc.

People can also contribute to the digitization of public domain books by participating in Distributed Proofreading. The eBooks can be searched on the basis of Authors, Titles, Genres, Languages, New Titles, Recommended and Popular Downloads. has categorized the books in it into many categories such as Adventure to Science FIction, Drama to Politics, Etiquette to War, Health to Psychology, and so on. The popular formats used are PDF, ePub, Kindle, eReader, RTF, Plain text, Cellphone (.jar), Newton etc.

More than 29,000 eBooks available for Kindle, Nook, iPad and most other eReaders for free. Users can also create an account with, Visit Here to Register.

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