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PDF Converter LogoPDF Converter is an android app that takes a document in almost any format and converts it on a server in the internet to a PDF. The generated PDF is saved on your SD-Card in the download folder.

[androidqrcode: ch.xnrsfka.pdfconverter]It Supports the file formats: doc, doc6, doc95, docbook, html, odt, ott, ooxml, pdb, psw, rtf, latex, sdw, sdw4, sdw3, stw, sxw, text, txt, vor, vor4, vor3, bmp, emf, eps, gif, html, jpg, met, odd, otg, pbm, pct, pdf, pgm, png, ppm, ras, std, svg, svm, swf, sxd, sxd3, sxd5, tiff, wmf, xhtml, and xpm.

Download PDF Converter for Android

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