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PDF Converter LogoPDF Converter is an android app that takes a document in almost any format and converts it on a server in the internet to a PDF. The generated PDF is saved on your SD-Card in the download folder.

[androidqrcode: ch.xnrsfka.pdfconverter]It Supports the file formats: doc, doc6, doc95, docbook, html, odt, ott, ooxml, pdb, psw, rtf, latex, sdw, sdw4, sdw3, stw, sxw, text, txt, vor, vor4, vor3, bmp, emf, eps, gif, html, jpg, met, odd, otg, pbm, pct, pdf, pgm, png, ppm, ras, std, svg, svm, swf, sxd, sxd3, sxd5, tiff, wmf, xhtml, and xpm.

Download PDF Converter for Android

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  1. I am developer of android app “Mobile Road Warrior”. Our app creating document in HTML format aand we would like to be aable to convert it to PDF format. Do you have SDK or API to create intent to your app? and if yes, how to interpret respond from your app?
    Thank you,

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