Control Dolphin Browser with Your Voice Using Sonar Feature

Dolphin Browser LogoDolphin browser announced Dolphin Sonar, a voice-control feature that lets you use your voice to search the Web, find exactly what you’re looking for on sites like Facebook or eBay, bookmark your favorite website, and (like a real Dolphin!) use Sonar to navigate. Ask Dolphin to search on Facebook or create a new tab… all without having to type a single letter.

Here’s what you need to know: Dolphin Sonar is easy to use and can do almost anything. Instead of typing, tap the microphone at the bottom left or just shake your phone (because who doesn’t want an excuse to do that!). Then say what you want to say and Dolphin will do the rest.

The Top 3 Things You Can Do with Dolphin Sonar:

  1. dolphin-sonar-screenshotSearch – Talk to Dolphin and let Her Do the Work: Let Dolphin be your wing-woman. Get tips about where to take your date with “Google the most romantic restaurant in San Francisco,” and find out her favorite books by “Facebook search. Or, for those with other things on their mind, Dolphin has your back. Check out the lastest music reviews by saying “pitchfork dot com” or answer life’s burning bar trivia questions by going straight to Wikipedia.
  2. Social Search – Impress your friends and stalk like a pro: Meet someone you liked at the bar last night and want the crew to weigh in? Ask Dolphin to “Facebook [insert cute gal/guy’s name here]” and presto, your friends are instantly impressed with your new date (or not… Dolphin can’t do everything)! Just make sure to wait the right number of days before calling.
  3. Navigate – Just Tell Your Dolphin Where To Go: With Dolphin, there’s no need to type, tap the microphone icon or shake your phone and navigate Dolphin to open new tabs, scroll to top of the page and more. It’s Sonar!
  4. Webzine Add-on: Dolphin have transformed their magazine style reader, Webzine, into an Add-on for its most avid readers.

Download Dolphin Browser for Android

Introducing Dolphin Sonar, the next level of mobile browsing with voice control



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