CloudMagic – Free Software to Search Gmail and Google Docs

CloudMagic is free software to search Gmail and Google Docs. It installs as a browser plugin, and lets you search Gmail and Google Docs together. It works with both Firefox, and Google Chrome. The amount of personal data stored while using online applications such as mail services, is usually voluminous and when the user needs to search for a specific piece of information in these repositories, it becomes difficult. It solves this issue by presenting a great search feature to use with these applications.

Cloud magic provides support for content search in famous applications including Gmail mail boxes, contacts, Google docs and Google apps email. Further, this support may be extended to popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the near future.

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  • Instant search: Cloud magic search is so robust that the user need not wait for the search results. The results appear instantaneously, as soon as the user types the text string on the search bar. This search feature lists all the relevant data. Information such as emails, documents, contacts, links etc., are instantaneously displayed.
    One great feature is that, this search application lists all the related content in a single place. Once a search string is entered, the related documents such as spreadsheets, emails, documents etc are all listed in a single integrated results page.Partial search feature which displays the result with just a few characters being entered is also available. Further the user can perform search on multiple accounts as well. Unified search results from multiple accounts can be displayed on a single page.
  • Intuitive interface: CloudMagic’s interface is extremely intuitive and the user can search using the search bar that is inserted on the top right corner of the gmail page. The user can also choose to view the results in full screen.
  • [advt]Seamless integration of Google docs and mail: While searching, the user need not search for document attachments in mailbox and in the Google Docs separately. Just one search using this application will suffice. This is possible due to the seamless integration of Google docs and Email, which makes it very convenient for the user.
  • Privacy and security: All this is done without compromising on the privacy and security of the user. The contents are never exchanged with any third party servers and the user can be sure about the security of the content while using this application.


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