Chrome OS Lounge – Chrome OS Forum Community for Android

Chrome OS Lounge is the mobile version of the most popular Chrome OS forum community. This means that Chrome OS Lounge is the best place to get help, advice, tutorials, reviews [androidqrcode:  com.vbulletin.build_283]and news relating to Google’s Chrome Operating System, Chromium OS and other Google products. It also have a great Chrome OS wiki, user blogs and a great media section where you can share your videos and photos.

Chrome OS Lounge allows you to see the number of unread posts in the forums. This means that you can get instant alerts while you are browsing the internet whenever there is a new post on the forum.

Download Chrome OS Lounge for Android

Chrome OS Lounge allows:

  • Help and Support from fellow users
  • Chrome OS Tutorials
  • Wiki’s & Other Resources
  • Web Apps, Themes, and Extensions
  • Chrome OS News and Reviews

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