Christmas Crisis – Download Free Arcade Game

Christmas Crisis is a freeware arcade game. Even while it is a kid’s game, it is still definitely fun for all ages.  Every year Santa manages to deliver millions of presents to children all over the world but this year Santa needs a little help, and you could be just the person Santa needs. Unfortunately, Santa has fallen ill, and unless you can help to deliver all of his presents, there are going to be a lot of sad children waking up on Christmas day.

Download Christmas Crisis

[advt]Christmas Crisis places you at the reins of Santa’s sleigh as you fly all over the world dropping presents down the chimneys of the house you fly over. It is a race against time, and to ensure the world remains a happy place, you need to achieve a success rate of at least 70% obviously, if you can hit 100%.

As if the prospect of travelling thousands of miles was not enough, on top of having to it all of your housing targets, there are also a number of obstacles to miss. The skies are filled with airplanes that need to be avoid, and with no air traffic controller on hand to help out, it is down to you to keep your eyes open and avoid a collision.

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