Choose How and When People Contact You Using GoGoStat Connect

GoGoStat LogoGoGoStat Connect allows people to communicate with their contacts in a way that is most convenient for them, based on situational awareness and automated rules. It activates the correct preferences based on where you are, what you are doing and who is trying. with GoGoStat Connect you can:

  • Manage how you are best contacted by defining preferences tied to your situation and context based on your location, mood, time, presence and social relationships.
  • Enable a world without contact lists, using smart agents to select the appropriate communications channel. Supports both traditional telephony channels and new social network channels.
  • Calendar integration means the smart agents know your day and route communications appropriately.

GoGoStat Connect Features:

  • [advt]Be in control: Unlike traditional communication channels, GoGoStat Connect offers the ability for you to stay in control of the channel in which your contacts communicate with you.
  • Driven by rules: The choice of communication channel is driven by the rules you build – rules based on your location, presence and even mood. You can also base your rules on who is trying to communicate with you or the time of the day when they are trying to contact you.
  • Smart rules: Connect is smart enough to track your location, your presence and understand who is trying to reach you based on the information and integration you setup with it.
  • Knows your schedule: Your rules can be based on whether you are busy, in a meeting, out of office, vacationing or whether it is a national holiday.
  • Social: Connect can be brought into social settings. Connect can turn the communication you perform on your social networks into potential channels that can participate in your rules.

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