Relenta – Automatically Gathers Email Applications and Displays on Single Page

Relenta automatically gathers the pieces of data that are typically scattered across separate applications (such as email clients, group calendars, CRM solutions and to-do lists), and displays them on one single page, app might help reduce busywork as a chronological stream of activity associated with each contact. This gives you at-a-glance knowledge of where you stand AND puts you one click away from any information you need to get things done.

It interlinking all communication activity (including email messages, call notes, reminders, follow ups, tasks, voice mails, meeting transcripts) between the team and each customer, and making the whole set of information available to all employees who interact with any given account. It is not free.

Keep all the action on one screen

  • [advt]Real-time activity stream for each relationship
  • Sent and received email history linked to contacts
  • Social network messages and status updates
  • Shared calendar and task delegation
  • Built-in email marketing and auto responders

You can use Relenta to

  • Automatically capture leads from incoming email messages or forms on your website
  • Create tasks from email messages and delegate them to other members of your team
  • Set up unlimited number of groups to segment your contact database
  • Send personalized mass-emails to any group of contacts
  • Use canned response templates to save time and ensure consistency
  • Import and export contacts in CSV format
  • Pick up your email from any POP or IMAP email server


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