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PhotoJoy is free software that can transform any monotonous desktop into a cheerful and lively workspace. It crafts photo widgets, screensavers and collages using photos. It gives a vibrant and colorful appearance to any drab desktop space.

How to use PhotoJoy:

This application has a simple and uncomplicated interface. It has four main tabs:

  • Collages
  • PhotoToys
  • Screensavers
  • Photo Library

Collages: users can create fun collages using this tab and photos of their choice. The left hand side of the window displays a number of collage types when the collage tab is clicked. The collage list includes – Most popular, abstract, beach, cats, nature, puppies and wooden. Users can select and set the collage style by clicking on the button/link below the pictures.

PhotoToys:  User can select pictures which he wants to see in an animated form and can use them to customize the PhotoToys. There are five PhotoToys available for customization – Cubic rotation, magazine, mobile, photo shuffles and photo tides.

Screensaver: There are two kinds of screensavers that this application offersPhoto Screensavers and Screensavers. Photo Screensavers display personal pictures of the users in a unique and animate way, whereas, screensavers offers a number of themed screensavers. All these come into life during the screensaver mode.

Photo Library: As the name suggests, is a place where users can store photos of their choice so that it’s easier to surf through them while creating an animated desktop.

Download PhotoJoy 

Features of PhotoJoy:

  • [advt]Users can create collages, screensavers, PhotoToy widgets etc.
  • Helps changing the look of the desktop by making it more vibrant, colorful and personalized
  • Available free of cost
  • Lightweight application

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