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AveDesk is a program that will give you the possibility to have icons on your desktop which could update themselves. Each icon is in fact a desklet, a little plug-in that can virtually do anything. A desklet can be just a regular shortcut, a mail checker, a calendar, a clock, etc. It depends on the imagination of the desklets programmer. Features a wealth of customization options for displaying desklets as well.


  • [advt]Desklets are skinnable. Instead of recreating endless piles of the same desklet with different looks, there are a couple basic desklets that can be skinned. This makes it much easier for skinners and customizers to change the look of a desklet, since they don’t have to hassle with code.
  • Scalability. Each desklets can be scaled to whatever size the user prefers.
  • AveDesk provides a Control Panel in where all running desklets are listed and can be modified.
  • Desklets are installed, rather than run; allowing for tight control over which desklets can be running.
  • Effectlets allow to apply all kind of extra effects to desklets, such as glow on mouse-over.
  • Easy interface for options. Each desklet has the same interface for dealing with options.
  • 3D accelerated effects. AveDesk provides special hardware accelerated 3D effects, such as ‘flipping a desklet’ or special remove animations.
  • Built-in library of UI-controls. Instead of having each desklet create their own set of controls which feel and work differently, AveDesk has a built-in library of skinnable, alpha-blended controls.
  • ShowCase. With ShowCase desklets can be hidden until needed. Just press the ShowCase button to reveal the hidden desklets.
  • Extensibility. AveDesk is extensible with modules, effectlets and new scripting desklets (e.g. AveScripter, SysStats, MultiMeter).
  • Themes. With themes, users can save their favorite configuration and quickly switch between different configurations.

Download AveDesk


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