BSNL Trust Card Prepaid Payment Card in Partnership with ItzCash

BSNL LogoBSNL Trust Card is a multipurpose prepaid payment card brought to you by BSNL in association with ItzCash. With this card you can make payments for your BSNL Bills (Postpaid bills & Prepaid top-ups), purchase BSNL Value Added Services viz. Hello TV Subscription, BSNL Hello Tunes (Ring Back Tune) and pay for all your bills like electricity, telephone, cooking gas, mobile, water, book rail/air tickets, renew DTH subscription, Citizen Services by Government or Government bodies and lots more.

Trust Cards are currently available in denominations from 250, 500 & 1000. To use this card you need to scratch the masked area on the reverse of the card where TRUST is mentioned. It will reveal your account no. and password.

Benefits of  BSNL Trust Card

At par value product – The card is an at par value product which empowers you to make payments for essential services anytime-anywhere with convenience and ease.

  • Payment without queues- The card helps you to pay your essential bills, book railway tickets etc. anytime, anywhere without standing in any queue.
  • [advt]Safe and convenient – It is the smartest option available to any Indian consumer who would like to pay online, on-mobile and IVRS.
  • Range – Available in denominations from 250, 500 & 1000 and easy reload options, it allows you to be in control of what you spend.
  • Micro payments – It uniquely enables the consumer to process micro payments of 10 up to 10,000/-.
  • No hidden costs – You can utilize the full value of the card.

Account Number , Password and Serial ID

Account number is a 12 digit number (e.g. 522542952669) beneath the masked area. It is used for a payment’s authentication. Do not disclose your account number to anyone including BSNL & Itz Cash Card Limited employees for your queries related to the card.

Password is the 4-digit number (e.g. 5732) after the account number. This too is available under the masked area. Do not disclose your password to anyone including BSNL & Itz Cash Card Limited employees for your queries related to the card.

Serial ID is a 16 Digit Alpha Numeric (e.g. Z1RQ S000 1234 7898) visible on the back side of the card. This number is used for all communication with BSNL & Itz Cash Card Ltd. When you communicate with our customer care executive, you can check payment details with this number. This number is provided so that you need not part with your account number and password during any queries. [source]

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