BSNL SMS Chat for WAP Phones – Communicate People of the Same Interest

BSNL LogoBSNL Chatting provides an “SMS Chat” service to the subscribers who would like to communicate or meet based on their current location. This real time “SMS Chat” service that can be used from WAP phones. They can specify the distance (Km) and Duration (Hour) within which they want to find their buddy to chat. It enables to meet with people of the same interests. The subscriber provides personal profile information (gender, interests, nickname, etc.). The Chatting service can be accessed through SMS, WAP and WEB.

Using this service, customers can chat with people of same interest using the mobile phone either mobile-to-mobile or mobile-to-web. This is a unique service and adds true value to the customers.

SMS Short Codes for

  1. Chatting Service Registration & Deregistration – 3300[advt]
  2. Chatting Service Activation/Deactivation/Invocation – 3315
  • Chatting Service is mainly SMS Based service
  • Profile Creation/Updated – on WEB/WAP

For Chatting Following are the steps to be performed by the service user

Step 1. For Registration send SMS “Reg Chat” to SMS short code 3300
On successful Registration SMS Reply will be like ‘ You are successfully registered to CHATTING. Your password Is xxxxxx’.

Step 2. Now Login to Web to update your profile. Following are the steps to be performed -:

  • Click on the Zone Name (to which you have been subscribed, i.e. North Zone) at the right side of LBS page at
  • Now select Chatting service in popup window
  • Please Enter your MSISDN Number with the Password received via SMS in the above portal like this -:
  • Now press Enter Following screen will appear -:
  • Click My Profile and Enter Your Nick Name Information and select your Gender -:
  • Click Enter to update your Profile
  • Select your Interest/Hobbies and after selection Press Enter -:
  • Now you have successfully updated your profile on the web.

Step 3. Now for Activating send SMS to the SMS short code 3315 with content as ” startchat (Vicinity in Kms) (Duration in hours) (Gender as Male or Female)” .
Example: “startchat 5 5 male”

Step 4. In case no vicinity and duration are specified the system will take default values.
Example: “startchat”

Step 5. If there is an error with keyword, service sends a help SMS to the subscriber.

Step 6.The service sends an SMS message with a list of nicknames. If there are no available matches then the request is put into a queue and checked periodically for an available match.

Step 7. The subscriber can select one of the available nicknames and send the name to 3315 via SMS message for invite them for chat.

Step 8. The invited user will get SMS for the chat request as initiated by sender.

Step 9. In order to accept the invitation the receiver sends “accept” SMS message to 3315 and then the two subscribers can start talking to each other until the specified message “endchat” sent
to 3315 by any one of them.

Step 10. In order to reject the invitation the receiver sends “reject” SMS message to 3315. In that case the sending subscriber is prompted for another selection.

Step 11. Send SMS to Deactivate the service to the SMS short code 3315 with content as ” endchat” .

Step 12. Send SMS to Deregistered the service to the SMS short code 3300 with content as ” dreg chat”

Note: Chatting Service can be between male-male; male-female; female-female and they should have similar interest. So for this Service Please make your interest matches with the other person with whom you want to Chat with both Nicknames assigned. All this can be done on the Chatting Portal after login with your MSISDN and password. [source]

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