Browse/Buy Books, Connect With Book Lovers Using BookChums Ebook Site

BookChums is a featured eBooks site. It helps to browse more Ebooks, Buy Books, Connect With Book Lovers across India. BookChums offers all the details of the books  including:

  • Review
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date
  • Pages
  • Rate this book/download link
  • Category

BookChums allow users to add book details. For that you have to login to BookChums site. The site also provides different services like book review, Author details /interviews, My Self (adding a set of books prefer to registered users). It also provide Clubs. Clubs include Genres, Number of Members, Number of Books, Type, etc.

You can add blogs in BookChums site. Site provide you forum about the Category list, Topics, Posts, Last Post Information. BookChums is the best sites to visit good quality free ebooks. BookChums provide free download ebooks. BookChums is a portal for book lovers to connect.

BookChums is the fastest and the easiest site to download ebooks for free. The free ebooks within the site have been collected from Project Gutenberg and other sites on the internet. BookChums offers free download of ebooks to all its users to encourage the habit of reading. Search for novels, plays, poetry, essays, short stories, self-help books and much more and download them for free.

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