Boosket – Tool to Sell and Recommend Products on Facebook Fan Pages

Boosket offers a new tool to Sell and Recommend products on Facebook fan pages. Boosket proudly announces the availability of Shopping Cart features for selling your products directly through your Fan Page. Currently in beta version, this offer is absolutely free of charge, without any transaction fee.

Reward your community with your latest product catalog, special offers, promotions or private sales.

  • [advt]Promote and recommend¬†any kind of item
  • Drive trafic¬†to your website
  • Quick setup
  • Customizable

Customize your shop: The shop owner can select the template that best displays their products. You can also customize the header, the background and fonts colors and the footer. Boosket gives you the best options to convey your brand image on Facebook.

Attributes: Use attributes to describe differences between models (category, color, brand, size) and help your fans to search among your products.

Add products: It wanted to make product registration and import the easiest to manage as possible. That’s why it have implemented a XML format to import your products quickly and easily. Boosket works with leading e-commerce stores like Mangento, Prestashop and more.

Insert shop on Tab: Integrate your shop into your fan page is easy. Copy the Shop Key on your Tab information and add the app with Add to page button at the top of Boosket app. Past your Shop Key on your store and Set it.

Promote:The Facebook Social Share button is automatically implemented in each shop. It also gives for stores the tweeter share buttons. It’s the best way to promote and recommend your products by your community

Catalog import: Update your catalog through xml or csv data feed. Boosket is also compatible with many ecommerce solution.

Fan access only:Restrict your storefront access to your fans only and reward them with exclusive offers.

Browsing: Allow your community to browse easily and quickly among your products.

Discount:Share exclusive offers, good deals and discounts with your fans.

Highlight:Give extra visibility to your specific sales or new products, and move them to the top of the store with a ribbon callout.


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