SlideBomb – Free Webapp that Create Slideshows

SlideBomb is a free webapp that lets you to create mashup slideshows. This slideshow creator embeds Youtube videos, images, Google Maps, and more. The user can add many types of media, including Google Maps, images, YouTube videos, links and text. SlideBombs can be created in a number of ways, with some providing step by step guides to complete a task or educate the viewer on a topic while others provide opinions, stories or events.

[advt]There is no software to download and install. Rather, a provided web interface will let you handle everything from your browser. All you have to do is supply the relevant YouTube URLs along with the texts and images that you want featured as part of your slideshow, and determine the order in which these different elements are to be combined for the mashup to be generated.

And in addition to providing you with an embed code for spreading your SlideBomb around, the site will add anything that you have created to its database. This can be browsed by just anybody, anywhere, and the most popular mashups are always highlighted on the site for everybody to note.

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