Free Social Networking Site for Indians – Glossary is a social utility that brings together all the young Indians living across the globe.

Account – You can create a free account at

Avatar / Channel Icon – You can personalize your appearance by choosing an avatar instead of a photo.

Bharatstudent – India’s top social networking site!

Blog – Blog is short for weblog. A weblog is an online journal that is frequently updated and intended for the general public, but some function as more personal online diaries. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the website.

Buffering – A video player on downloads a video as it plays. A buffer allows it to play more smoothly if the connection isn’t fast enough. Pausing the video for a while could help buffer the whole video, and would thereby ensure a smooth play.

Cafe Bharat – For film news, gossips, photo galleries, wallpapers, videos and trailers, check out Cafe Bharat.

Campus TV – Allows a user to watch, rate and upload videos, and share them with friends.

Category – A video can belong to one of several topic areas, called categories.

Categories Tab – This is located at the top of the Campus TV page. Helps you browse videos by Category.

Channel – A channel is a user’s page. The user can add their uploaded videos to a particular channel and share the link with friends.

Channels Tab – This is located at the top of the Campus TV page. Helps you browse for a channel of your interest.

Comment – A text response to a video, photo, blog article or to a user.

Editor’s Picks – The editors at Bharatstudent select the featured blogs, videos, video channels and movie reviews of the week, referred to as Editor’s picks.

Favorite – By clicking on the ‘Add to Favorites’ link on the player page, you can add a video you like to your list of favorites. Other users can browse your favorites on your personal home page.

Featured Videos – These videos are selected by the editors. They will appear on the left panel of the Campus TV Homepage.

Featured Channels – These channels are selected by the editors. They will appear on the left panel of the Campus TV Homepage.

Flash – The Flash Player from Adobe Systems is a plug-in for your web browser. Bharatstudent uses it to play videos.

Friends / Friend Invitations – You can invite other users to be your friends. This allows you to share private videos with each other. You can send invitations from a user’s homepage.

Gangs – Gangs allows users to share space with like minded people and have discussions on a common theme.

Girls Only – A section that focuses on Girls.

Help – This is the Bharatstudent Help Center! If you can’t find an answer to your question here, you can use our contact form to reach our support department.

Metadata – This is data about your data. You can edit this data later from your personal homepage.

Private Message – Bharatstudent has a system for messaging like email. You can read your messages from your account page. You can send a message to a user from his/her homepage.

Private Video – You can upload videos as private. These won’t appear in search results.

Rating – You can rate videos by clicking the stars. More stars translates to even better.

Related Videos – These videos are selected by relevance to the video you’re watching.

Search – There is a search box at the top of almost every page. You can use it to search for Friends, Gangs, Videos, etc.

Share Video – You can have Bharatstudent email a video link to a friend.

Study Abroad – A section that helps students aspiring to go abroad.

Tabs – There are two tabs listed on the CTV Homepage namely Popular Categories, and User Tags.

Tags – Tags simplify searching for a term or category.

Videos Tab – At the top of most pages. Displays honored videos by category. [source]

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