Badongo – Online Storage and Free Online Backup

Badongo is an online storage and free unlimited online backup software which allows to store your valuable data like music, photos, videos, or other files. This unlimited online storage software allows you to store and manage all your valuable personal data and share large files via IM, email, Facebook, etc. Stored data can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, you just need to login to your account created on this online tool.

Badongo provides text links for your files, so that you can simply copy and paste those links in your instant messaging or email conversation, and quickly share files. Moreover you can also download your contents from this site to a limit of 12 GB per day with a download speed of 500kbps.


  • Store your valuable data like music, videos, photos or other files.
  • Unlimited storage capacity.
  • Download up to 12 GB per day for free accounts.
  • Backup data securely online.
  • Includes a recycle bin to recover deleted files.
  • Available in premium version with more user friendly features.
  • Also available as a downloadable software.
  • Multiple uploads in a single click.
  • Private files can be password protected.
  • Deletes inactive files after 90 days for free accounts.
  • Also check out CX free cloud storage service.

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