Axis Bank Travel India Card – Indian Currency Prepaid Travel Card for Foreigners and NRIs

Axis Bank India Travel Card – India’s first and only Indian Currency prepaid travel card for foreign nationals and non-resident Indians travelling to India is a unique prepaid debit card to secure your currency needs when you travel in India.

The India Travel Card will initially be available at select Axis Bank branches in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai as well as a large network of money changers. The card will be made available at over 190 well-located Axis Bank branches in the next few months.

A customer can exchange foreign currency with the Branch/Money changer and receive a Rupee-denominated prepaid card with the same amount as converted in Indian rupees at the prevailing exchange rate. The card can be use at more than 4.7 lakh Merchant outlets and over 44,000 ATMs.

Loaded with a host of unique features, the India Travel Card is designed to make your trip more enjoyable and free from foreign currency exchange hassles.


  • Easily Available
    • Available over the counter, at a large network of licensed Money Changers and 192 centrally located Axis Bank branches
  • Convenient
    • One-time conversion of foreign currency at competitive exchange rates[advt]
    • Load upto Rs. 50,000 on the card at any point of time
    • Reloadable at 192 Axis Bank branches
    • Fully refundable to Indian Rupees
  • Simple to use
    • Shop at over 470,000 outlets
    • Withdraw cash anytime, anywhere at over 59,000 ATMs
  • Safe
    • More secure way of carrying currency
    • Facility to change PIN at over 5000 Axis Bank ATMs
    • Request for a new PIN / Lost card replacement at 192 Axis Bank branches
    • Check usage with online statements

Reload & Refund Process

Reload Process

  • The India Travel Card can be reloaded at 192 centrally located Axis Bank branches.
  • Locate your nearest branch and walk-in to reload the card
  • You have to physically be present to reload the card
  • Fill in the reload form and submit the prescribed documentation
  • The card can only be reloaded upto a maximum of Rs. 50,000 at any time.

Refund Process

  • At the time of departure from India, you can approach any of the selected 192 Axis Bank Branches for refund of unutilised balances
  • Locate your nearest branch and walk-in to refund the balances
  • You will have to submit the refund form and hand over the card to the Branch
  • All available rupee balances will be refunded in Indian Rupees only
  • The refunded amount may then be converted to a foreign currency of choice as per your requirement

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