Axis Bank SMS Banking For Savings Accounts – 09717000002 or 5676782

Axis Bank offers SMS Banking service. Access your bank account anytime by sending an SMS with the specified keyword to mobile banking numbers.

Safeguard Your Account

Keep a watch on your account with Axis Bank round the clock SMS Banking service. Every debit or credit in your account* is intimated to you by an SMS as soon as it happens. Be in a smart position to detect any unauthorised access to your account.

Missing debit cards, unauthorised card usage or compromised passwords are no longer a threat to you. Axis Bank’s SMS Banking service provides you with the ability to detect and prevent misuse of your bank account.

Added Convenience

You can request information on your account from wherever you are any time of the day or night. Just send the specified keyword as an SMS to +919717000002 or 5676782# to receive the information on your account.


  • Safety: Every debit and credit above a certain value is intimated to you. Stay updated on your account transactions anywhere in the world.
  • [advt]Convenience: No more queues at the ATM to check your accounts.
  • Cheque book request through SMS: You can request cheque book simply by sending SMS.
  • Time Saving: No traveling to branches or ATMs to keep track of your account.
  • Updates: Get automatic updates on bill payments and scheduled payments on your cell.
  • Accessibility: Avail of this service from anywhere in the world, even on the move.

Charges for the Service

SMS Banking service is FREE (w.e.f August 2010), for all Savings Accounts.


Axis Bank’s SMS Banking service provides you information in two ways: Automatic Alerts and SMS Requests.

Automatic Alerts

  • Debit or credit in your account: You would automatically receive alerts on your mobile phone every time there is a debit or credit in your Axis Bank account for more than Rs. 5,000.
  • Bill payments due: If you are registered for bill payments, you would receive an alert on your cell phone informing you that a bill is pending for payment.

SMS Requests

You can check your balance, go through the last three transactions, find out the status of your cheques and keep a tab on your demat account balances as and when you want it. All you have to do is send an SMS with the specified keyword to the SMS Banking number +919717000002 or 5676782.#

You can request for the following information:

  • Balance
  • Last three Transactions
  • Know the status of your cheque
  • Request security balance in demat account
  • Cheque book

Note: #Value added charges will be applied by your mobile operator

Keyword Syntax

To receive information on your account, send an SMS with the specified keyword to SMS Banking numbers.

SMS Banking Numbers are 5676782 or 9717000002.

Kindly note following points before sending an SMS:

  • All the below-mentioned SMS requests should be sent through the registered mobile number only.
  • The keywords are NOT case-sensitive.
  • Please do NOT type the pointed or square brackets in your SMS.
  • There should be a single space between each word in the syntax.
  • For the account number, you can either type the full 15 digits or only the last three digits except for the ACT keyword where full 15 digit account number is necessary.
  • Details within pointer brackets “<“,”>” are mandatory values to be provided by the user.
  • Details enclosed in square brackets “[“,”]” are optional parameters.
  • SMS charges as specified by your operator will apply for the SMS requests sent by you.

The keywords and their syntax for SMS Requests are given below:

Request SMS Message Information
Balance Enquiry BAL [account-number]  

Example: BAL 123

Gives you the balance for the specified account number. The account number is optional. If no account number is specified, you will get the balance in your primary account.
Last 3 transactions MINI [account-number]  

Example: MINI 123

Gives you the last three transactions in the specified account. The account number is optional. If no account number is specified, then returns last three transactions in your primary account.
Cheque status CHQSTATUS <account-number> <cheque-number>  

Example: CHQSTATUS 123 987654

Gives you the status of your requested cheque.
Cheque Book Request CHQBK <account-number>  

Example: CHQBK 123

This enables you to request Cheque Book for the specified account*.
Security balance in Demat account DMAT <client-id> <ISIN-number>  

Example: DMAT 12345 INX98354A26


Gives the balance of your specified demat share/security under the specified client id.

Activate SMS Banking ACT <full account-number>  

Example: ACT 123456789123456

Activates SMS Banking for registered but deactivated account.
De-register from SMS Banking SUSPEND <account-number>  

Example: SUSPEND 123

The specified account linked to the SMS number is de-registered.
To know your SMS Banking registration date REGDATE  

Example: REGDATE

Gives the registration date/s of the linked account/s.

*Cheque book charges, if any, would be applicable as per charge schedule. For charges kindly refer charge schedule.

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