Avoid Texting While Driving

Text messaging or short messaging (SMS) is now very popular in India. It is the common medium of communication among teenagers. Decades ago, people used to say “hey, send me a letter”, and later it was “email me” or “call me”. Now it is ‘hey, SMS me” or “hey, text me” is the phrase.

In India (at least in Kerala!), ‘missed call” concept is being used as a reminder service. a friend of mine often says: “hey Sree, miss call me in the morning”. My miss call will remind him of getting ready for the meeting! I just need to ring him a few bells, and it doesn’t cost anything! What an idea, sir-ji!

OK,back to the topic. Sending text messages is a quick and easy way to communicate with family and friends. However, when you try to combine text messaging and driving, it’s like oil and water – they just don’t mix.

A recent study in the US found one in five drivers and more than one-third of all young drivers send text messages while they’re driving. Several US states including New Jersey, Arizona, Connecticut and Washington, have taken steps to force drivers not to use their BlackBerries or cell phones.<


Driving while text messaging (SMS) has become increasingly popular. It is illegal to text while driving in Washington state, US from in January 2008. Under the new laws, drivers who read and compose text messages or talk on a cell phone without a hands-free device would have to pay $101. Though there is no law against to prohibit this in India, it can be deadly.

Automakers also are coming up with voice-recognition devices. Mercedes-Benz offers voice-activated features in its C-Class cars to select a radio station or CD track. The system also “reads out loud” text messages and translates common text-message expressions, like “LOL,” which translates to laughing out loud. Ford and Lincoln Mercury will sell a similar system on select 2008 models, including the ability to pick songs from iPod or MP3 players by speaking the choice. Those features appeal to car buyers who shop for the latest in technology.

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