Automatically Stop all Unused Tasks – Download Bomb That Task

Bomb That Task is a new task manager where it automatically stop all unused tasks/programs/services when the display of your device goes to black (turns off / sleep). This app helps you to directly see how much memory each active applications is using and allow you to kill the unused tasks.

Download Bomb That Task for Android


  • One click task killing[androidqrcode:]
  • *root* supported for extra aggressive task killing
  • Many options to configure this automatic task killer to your needs
  • It can automatically add newly installed applications to the auto kill list
  • It’s free, and supports all android versions
  • Does not need any internet access! this app is completely safe, what’s on your devices, stays on your device
  • Optimized to use a small memory footprint while in the background
  • List is searchable by typing the first letters of the task on the (onscreen)keyboard

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