Automatic Dialing Procedure of ITC Card from Mobile / Feature Phones

BSNL LogoBSNL India Telephone Card (ITC) is a prepaid card enables you to make local, STD or ISD calls even from a STD/ISD barred telephone. This card purchased in one city can be used in any other city from BSNL landline/WLL/Mobile. Anyone desirous of making Local / STD/ ISD calls can use this card.

You can enjoy the freedom of making calls anywhere, anytime, from any telephone. The calls are charged to the secret number specified in the card and not to the telephone connection being used.

ITC Card Dialing made easy through BSNL Mobile

This procedure makes the dialing easy for ITC/CALLNOW/GULFCALLNOW card from BSNL mobiles/landline feature phones.  Virtual Card Calling (VCC) Code and 16 digit secret code need not be dialed each time by the customer for making calls. Virtual Calling Card Code and 16 digit code has to be stored in ‘contacts’ in the mobile so that dialing is made automatic.  The ‘contact’ can be updated for new 16 digit code whenever the new card is purchased.

Procedure for storing

  1. Store the following with the contact name “UITC”(or any other name of your choice) in your handset/feature phone:



  1. 1802 is the Service Access Code
  2. XYZ is the SCP code(as mentioned on the back of VCC card)
  3. 3.      Stands for pause which instructs telephone dialer to pause before dialing next digits. There are various methods for inserting pause in dialing digits in different model handsets. In Nokia handsets three consecutive * or p instruct dialer to pause. However in Window Mobile and Blackberry Pause can be inserted by going to Menu and then selecting Insert Pause. For exact method for inserting Pause within dialing digits Handset Manual can be referred.T- is to be replaced by either 1(for English) or 2 (for Hindi) depending upon language choice
  4. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP is 16 digit secret code
  • 2.         To make call using U-ITC/ITC/CALLNOW/GULFCALLNOW:
    1. Call the contact stored as “UITC” or the ‘name’ as stored
    2. As all the digits (8+16) are to be dialed automatically by the mobile, Please wait………and you will get the announcement indicating the balance amount.  This will be followed by the  announcement  “Please dial the number you wish to call”
    3. Dial the outgoing number.
    4. Call is materialized. [source]

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