– Website to Find PDF Files to Download/View Online is a website where you can find every kind of PDF files to download or view online. It contains mainly user guides, owner manuals, tutorials and other “how tos”. If you need instructions on how to perform some technical activity, whether it is building a desk for your garden or installing some computer software, you will probably find a related instruction booklet to help you out.

You can either download the files to your hard drive or view them online. Also, you can submit your own files or e-books to share on the website for others to take advantage of them. Of course that you will be subject to restrictions of copyright if you upload unauthorized material.

It organizes its content in two major sections, one which has featured documents and another one with the latest additions to the site. The range of topics is really wide, you can find from instructions on how to store fruits and vegetables for commercial purposes, guides for high school courses, or user manuals of routers and other electronic devices. ASPDF is a port of the PHP FPDF library to run in ASP Classic (3.0). With this library you should be able to write PDF files, from Classic ASP without any components.

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