Joliprint – Web and Mobile App that Saves Web Pages as PDF

Joliprint is a web and mobile app that saves web pages as PDF for reading later and it is used to rearrange any page that you need printed in a way that will look good on paper, and that preserves the actual content intact. With the help of the site, user can capture any article, news, story, blog post or web page whenever they want from either device or platform. It is a very simple and easy way to convert any webpage in to PDF file format. It works differently and takes only little time to save or convert webpage. It captures a page and makes it into a sharp-looking, and magazine-esque PDF.

[advt]Joliprint is available in mobile and web version that gives the facility to convert and save any webpage in PDF file format. All you are supposed to do is to supply the URL of the page to be printed for Joliprint to work its magic. And a bookmarklet is also provided for you to add Joliprint to your browser and have pages printed without batting an eyelid.

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