Analyze each Process Running on your PC with the Task Manager -ProcessQuickLink

ProcessQuickLink is the easy way to make sense of Task Manager processes. For your PC to function Windows needs to run and manage many different processes. While many processes run by Windows are essential and legitimate, most PCs get bogged down with processes that are useless or downright harmful.ProcessQuickLink gives you an easy way to analyze each process running on your PC.

Download ProcessQuickLink has grown to become the definitive reference point for anyone who needs comprehensive information on these processes. Explanations are accompanied by exhaustive advice on whether the processes are important for the stable and secure running of your system. The website also recommends if you should terminate processes or leave them untouched. already offers users its very own ProcessQuickLink that installs as a plug-in to the existing Windows Task Manager. This provides users with an information button next to each process running on their computer. The button activates a direct link to, and will provide relevant information, specific to the process, instantly in a new browser window.

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