Indian Flag in Your Blog – Mera Bharat Mahan!

Would you like to have the Indian flag displayed on the top right corner of your blog or website?

Just copy and paste the code below to your blog template or webpage. It is suggested to copy to the HEAD section of the page, though the script works anywhere. Save the template and republish the blog. That’s it, now you are a proud owner of an Indian blog / website! applause

<script language="Javascript" type="text/Javascript" src=""></script>

Mouse over the Indian flag on the right top corner to see Mera Bharat Mahaan displayed.

मेरा भारत महान!
My India is Great!

You can read more about the meaning of National Flag of India at my personal website. Please let me know your feedback and suggestions.


  1. It is a very and nice and informative script.It feels that i am proud to be an Indian.keep it up.

  2. Oh it works on Opera alright Sree. It rocks. I just cant use it on my wordpress blog. Crap. I wish there was a way to import a wordpress blog to blogger. You can do it the other way around you know…

  3. The script was not working in Mozilla, I updated that too. Did not try in Opera, Safari and other browsers.

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