Airtel Mobile Phone Backup Service – Restore Data on Your Phone

Airtel Mobile Phone Backup is a service that safeguards all data of your mobile phone including Contacts, Calendar, SMS, Photos, Videos and Music. This service copies your mobile phone’s data in a secure manner to airtel’s secure Mobile Phone Backup system, and also enables you to restore the saved data on your phone (New / Existing) whenever you change your phone or in case you lose the data accidentally.

You can use airtel Mobile Phone Backup service from your pre-paid as well as your post-paid connection. The charges are Rs.30 per month, on 30 day renewable basis. This will reflect on the Post Paid bill in the same way as any download is billed using CBS.

You should ensure that you have GPRS, ‘airtel Live’ enabled on your phone. Once GPRS is activated, you can register by following one of the 5 methods:

1. Send SMS ‘BACKUP‘ to 57057 (Toll-free).
2. Open your mobile phone’s web browser, type and access the WAP Portal.
3. Open the web browser with and click on “Register Now!”
4. Dial *646*678# to subscribe via USSD
5. Call 121, customer care will guide the customer to send SMS ‘Backup’ to 57057 to activate the service.

You can save the following categories of data depending on your phone model:

  • Contacts List
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Events & Tasks
  • SMS

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