Airtel Automatic Meter Reading Solutions

Automatic Meter Reading Solutions, get the power of surveillance. It automates the process of measuring electronic meter reading through digital communication technique. It proves to be of a great help as it detects power thefts, meter tampering or any power leakage. It helps maintain shorter billing and credit cycles.

Benfits of Automatic Meter Reading Solutions

  • Detect power thefts, meter tampering or any power leakage
  • Remotely access the power supply to connect or disconnect it
  • Plan for transformer loading and sizing
  • Advanced preparation for scheduling and switching operations[advt]
  • Monitor voltage at each location
  • Shorter billing and credit cycles
  • Accurate information on network load to optimize maintenance and investments
  • Ability to customize rates and billing dates of consumer
  • Accurate measurement of transmission losses
  • Better network performance and cost efficiency

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