Airtel World Calling Cards for International Roaming

Airtel LogoAirtel offers world calling cards to USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and many more to name. Using Airtel world calling card save international roaming charges up to 94%. airtel brings to you a cost effective way of being in touch with the world while you are traveling abroad. TheWorld Calling Card connects you to your friends and loved ones in 95 countries in the most cost effective and reliable manner.

airtel World Calling Cards are easily available at major Indian international airports, travel agents, foreign exchange dealers and airtel Centres across the country. Choose from denominations of Rs. 300, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000.


Cost effective Calls

Now enjoy upto 94% savings on your international roaming charges. With a simple pricing structure and no hidden costs, we provide you with the best service quality at no extra cost.

Visited Country airtel World Calling Card **(Rs/Min) International Roaming Mobile * (Rs/Min) % Saving Over International Roaming (Mobile)
USA 8.0 143.0 94%
UK 8.0 136.0 94%
Malaysia 10.4 115.0 91%
Singapore 8.0 68.0 88%
Thailand 14.9 73.0 80%
Australia 11.0 159.0 93%

*As per tariffs of leading cellular operators in India, on August 1, 2008 .
**Rates as applicable on INR 500 denomination of airtel World Calling Card

Flexible Service

  • You have the freedom to be in touch from and to 95 countries across the world.
  • No additional deposits
  • No processing fees
  • [advt]Enjoy full talktime
  • Validity from first call
  • No activation required
  • Customer helpline

Easy to use

  • You enjoy complete control on your international calling
  • Denomination as low as Rs 300
  • Other denominations of Rs 500 & Rs 1000 also available

How to make a call using airtel World Calling Card?

Instructions for use:

  • Dial the access number* of the country you are in.
  • At the tone give your card number.
  • Follow the voice instructions to enter.

Country code + City Code + Telephone number (Do not enter 001, 00, 1, 90 etc. before the country code). While using Airtel World Calling Cards, even to make a call within the country you are in, the country code should be added.

Extra features on the card

Some of the features available on the airtel World Calling Card are:

  • Dial 0 to speak with an operator any time
  • Dial *1 to speak with customer service anytime.
  • A double beep will advise when one minute of talk time remains.
  • To place an additional call without hanging up, press # for three seconds or hold on to the line after the called party hangs up, you will receive a busy signal, or your call is unanswered, follow the Voice instructions to complete your call.

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