AdJug Unites Supply and Demand in Online Advertising Market

AdJug is an online advertising exchange. It connects buyers and sellers of online advertising and provides them with transparency, control and choice. Publishers can take control of their online inventory to increase their earnings and advertisers can run better campaigns because they know where each conversion and traffic is coming from.

Their idea was to improve the way advertising gets bought and sold through ad networks by connecting advertisers and publishers directly with each other.

The AdJug exchange is an open exchange for online advertising. Advertisers and publishers buy and sell available inventory in a transparent environment bringing choice, control and visibility to all parties.

This includes complete visibility as to which website your ad will appear on and how much traffic your ad is likely to receive.

Publishers use AdJug:

  • [advt]To generate incremental revenue from current inventory
  • To gain access to unscheduled campaigns and budgets of advertisers who want to target their inventory
  • To take control of which advertisers and campaigns appear around your content
  • To complement their sales strategy while not cannibalising their sales team efforts


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