AddThis – Easy Content Sharing Platform for Social Web

AddThis is the  largest content sharing platform. It gives end users a simple and easy way to share content across the social web, and provides publishers with increased web traffic and in-depth analytics

  • Easy-to-use tools help users to share your content and drive viral traffic
  • In-depth analytics provide insight into your audience and user activity
  • Powerful APIs let you create your own UI, access analytics, and more

The Smartest Sharing Tools

Dynamic Personalization
AddThis shows the right choices to the right user at the right time. As visitors use AddThis across the Web, instantly personalize their experience with choices most likely to be effective at increasing social referral traffic to your site.

Data-Driven Optimization
AddThis determines optimal user choices by analyzing a massive amount of online sharing activity. Algorithms factor in overall and local popularity, click-back effectiveness rate, language, per-user service affinity, and more.

Most Extensive Options
Offer your visitors choices from the largest, most international directory, including over 300 services and tools. Of course, there’s also deep Facebook and Twitter integration

Automatic Translation
Supporting over 70 languages, AddThis makes sharing easy no matter which language your visitors speak. Coupled with service personalization, it presents a fully localized experience to your users.

In-Depth Analytics

[advt]Your Complete Social Data Stream in One Place
AddThis measures your content’s impact across social streams by displaying traffic and audience generated from sharing tools, search, Facebook Like buttons, Tweet buttons, browser address bar sharing and more.

Up to the Minute Activity
Now you can view analytics data within the last 24 hours, or check out your Live View and watch share and click traffic in real-time.

True Audience Reporting
AddThis tells you about your audience, using data from across the Web. Learn not only how your pages are shared, but who is doing the sharing, who is following their links, and how you can tailor content or advertising to these groups.

Data Sharing and Portability

AddThis Profiles make sharing analytics easy. You can also access your analytics data using the  Analytics API, or via Google Analytics integration.

Your Tools, Your Way

Easy Installation Options
Get AddThis with one click. It has integrated with popular platforms like WordPress, Blogger and Joomla. AddThis can also be easily installed in Flash and iOS apps.

Simpler, Focused User Experience
It has done extensive user testing on our sharing interfaces, to give your visitors the least-intrusive experience. AddThis doesn’t distract the user away from putting your content out on the social web.

The Right UI For You
If you want big and beautiful 32px icons, Facebook Likeand Tweet buttons, or a fully custom UI, AddThis tools can handle it. You get dynamic personalization, translation, and analytics features no matter which interface you use, or if you only use the APIs.

Developer Tools

API Library
it has created an extensive API library for customizing our Javascript client, accessing analytics data, referencing AddThis services, serving content streamsand much more.

Mobile SDKs
Besides optimizing our sharing tools for mobile browsers, also introduced an AddThis SDK library for iOS apps, with more mobile support coming soon.

Flash Resources
If you develop in Flash, you’ve come to the right place. AddThis can be used to share Flash assets on a page, or to build sharing tools into Flash apps.






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