Acer Smartphones in India – Acer X960, F900, M900, DX650, DX900

Acer launched five feature-rich multimedia handsets priced between Rs. 24,000 and Rs. 35,000. The Acer Tempo smartphones announced are Acer X960, Acer F900, Acer M900, Acer DX650 and Acer DX900. The phones are designed to deliver a seamless convergence of functionalities for both personal and professional use.

Of the five models, the DX900 is a dual-SIM phone while the DX650 is a dual-face design phone with touch screen on one side and finger-friendly keypad on other. The F900 and M900 mobile phones feature web browsing capabilities. The last model, X960 is positioned as an all purpose handset.


Initially Acer phones will be available in top eight cities, including the four metros, and then gradually expanded to State capitals and mini-metros. Before Diwali, Acer will be launching new smartphones with prices starting from Rs. 16,000.

Stating that out of the 70-lakh phones being sold every month, only one per cent or 70,000 phones are smartphones priced at over Rs. 15,000 that are mainly sold in top ten cities including the four metros. Acer is targeting 10 per cent of this market.

Acer smartphones are imported from Taipai. Acer had tied up with all top retailers including Croma and Reliance to retail Acer phones.

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  1. I bought ACER X960 smart-phone in Sep-2010. This is an awesome phone as compared to features and price. USPs as compared to competition are camera for video-conferencing, flash and awesome 640X480 display.
    Above para is to give you a glimpse of the features, but now comes the real deal “Customer Support”.
    My phone developed a snag w.r.t. touch screen. Just to make sure you guys don’t take me for a ACER insider .. work order : A10H01000052 and submitted the phone at Kamla Nagar, New Delhi service center.
    I am 100% satisfied with the services .. and vouch for the phone. Did make friends of mine to buy this phone. If anyone wish to check my credentials .. name is already there .. I worked for Motorola SPS(Gurgaon)/Freescale(Noida)/Cadence(Noida)/AMD(Hyderabad) and I am into semiconductor products. If you know guys from these MNCs you can validate that I am not from Acer.

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