4PM.IN – New Domain for Project Management Blogging

I wanted to start a new blog on project management and similar IT related areas I come across on a day to day basis. I have been looking for a simple, small, easy to remember, catchy domain name. Today I came up with the name, 4pm.in! For Project Managers/Management.
Do you like this domain name? Am I making sense?

As a good start, I registered the domain name through hosting.rediff.com. I already have enough space in my hosting package to accommodate this domain too. I will go with WordPress for blog management. Have to figure out a good theme and customize it for our needs.

One of the objectives is to help new project managers by sharing our experience and providing a medium for other Project Managers to share their experience too. We will have categories on Project management, change management, technology management, people management, time management, etc.. Short term objective is having a good domain for my online note taking! I would also like to write about some technical tips on Excel, Word, Project, etc. which might be useful on the day to day project management work. Long term goal of the website is to be a medium for PMs from different IT companies to interact and share opinion. Wish me Good Luck!good luck

Update: 23 August 2007: I have dropped this project!

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