3GLife.com & 3G Life Contest of Tata Docomo, Send 3GLIFE to 141

In order to spread the news of  launch of 3G and to bring customers into speed on 3G technology, Tata Docomo has started a new website 3GLife.com. The new website contains 3G life stream – you will see the homepage as numerous windows displaying content from various sources such as Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, discussing 3G. You can Filter content by category and search relevant content on the screen based on the search criteria or keyword entered by you.

You can also post articles around 3G, view conversations or seek clarity to your questions in the 3G Forum. The forum promotes discussions on 3G handsets in India, the best Tata Docomo ads, Buddynet services, Mobile OS, increasing battery back & battery life, 10 things to remember before buying any mobile phones, and even 4G.


In order to attract the youth to the 3G services, Tata Docomo has started a 3G Life Content. The selected 8 winners will win a trip of 2 night and 3 days to Japan. To participate in the Contest, you need to SMS <3GLIFE> to 141 (or 58990). Since service is a premium service, the access charges for prepaid & postpaid Subscribers on SMS short code 141 shall be Rs. 3/- per SMS. The charges paid by the user are towards the service and no additional charge will be collected from the user for participation in the Contest.

The Contest shall run from a period of 21 days starting from 17th October 2010 and ending on 6th November 2010. The Contest is in the form of questions to be answered correctly by the users. The user will be eligible to answer only one question daily and 21 questions during the entire Contest Period by sending the reply to question through SMS. Every correct answer will carry 1 point.

user participating in the contest and answering to the quiz will receive an SMS in response to the answer provided by the user, inviting them to register themselves on www.3glife.com and participate actively in the Contest. The number of valid posts made by the user on www.3glife.com also counts in selecting the winner.

Press Release

Tata DOCOMO brings 3G to India and packs you to Japan!

Tata DOCOMO brings 3G to India and packs you to Japan!
This Diwali, Tata DOCOMO subscribers are going to have something new to DO. Tata DOCOMO will launch its 3G services giving its users access to richer and better communication, information and entertainment services.
Tata DOCOMO has unveiled a massive platform www.3glife.com. This platform is dedicated to educating all consumers about life post 3G. The home page features a global 3G Live stream that captures anything anyone is saying around 3G in the online space. Integrated across Twitter, Facebook, thousands of blogs, forums and news sites it provides a real time conversation cloud of everything anyone is saying about 3G.
Users have the option of filtering the content as per their choice. There’s also a mini map at the bottom of the screen for quick and easy navigation. A flashing dot on the screen indicates that a fresh piece of content has appeared. Clicking on the new link opens up the content and one can scroll through new content by clicking the previous and next links or even let the content auto play.
There is also a dedicated forum page inside for posting 3G related content. Users can ask questions which moderators & other 3G enthusiasts will reply to. There’s a link on the top of the screen wherein Forum members ‘Ask a Question’. Users can also ask questions directly from Twitter with the hash tag #3glife or from the Tata DOCOMO Facebook page.

This forum is also integrated with a ‘Live the 3G Life in Japan’ contest, whereby eight winners will win an all-expenses paid Trip to Japan! In order to participate and be eligible for this contest prize, users will need to participate on the forum and discuss topics around 3G meaningfully. Details of this contest are available on www.3glife.com
With its strategic partnership with NTT DOCOMO of Japan – the world’s first 3G operator, Tata DOCOMO seems to have a distinct advantage in the soon-to-be competitive 3G market. This platform is expected to become the single destination for all 3G related queries that consumers may have and a repository for answers thereof. The biggest advantage here is not only an access to a whole new world of 3G, but also a chance to experience it thereof.

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