3D EduMagic from AnimGraphix – Multimedia Educational Tool for Schools

Hyderabad based AnimGraphix New Media has announced the launch of 3D EduMagic – a multimedia Edutainment product meant for teaching pre-school and K-12 school students in a more interactive way. Through 3D EduMagic, students can be taught subjects by means of enjoyable three dimensional videos specifically designed for the system.

Dr Chandra Bhushan, Managing Director of AnimGraphix New Media said that 3D EduMagic provides a new way to garner student attention in classroom through a enjoyable 3D multimedia curriculum. “The multimedia content integrated in 3D EduMagic is designed to capture the curious minds of pre primary children and it is focused on cognitive, social, emotional skills and intellectual development of the children”, he added

Curriculum taught through 3D EduMagic covers subjects like General Knowledge, Rhymes, English and Mathematics. Other specially designed contents include Good Habits & Manners, Green Focus, Tradition & Culture, Field Trips, Phonics, Communication skills, Storytelling, Art and crafts, Motor skills and Technology.

EduMagic comes with built-in PC, dual Polaroid projectors, screen, 3D spectacles, 3D stereo scopic content, activity sheets for students and guidelines for teachers. Priced at Rs 3.5 lakh, the system also comes preloaded  with 200 titles and 3000 minutes of content.

Schools can get the product through easier installment schemes. For this, AnimGraphix has entered into a partnership with IFSC (Indian School Finance Company), a Hyderabad based non-banking finance company. [prwire]

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