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3D Graphics in the Browser

Many homes and offices now have broadband speeds that dwarf the connections of even ten years ago. As a result, it’s possible to send large amounts of data over the Internet — data that is needed to display realistic 3D experiences in the browser. In addition, the computers we use today are so much more powerful than what we had in the past: processors and memory have improved such that even a standard laptop or desktop today can handle the complexity of 3D graphics. […]

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Sony India Launches 3D LCD TVs and Other 3D Products

Sony India to deliver an array of 3D Home entertainment solutions in 2010. It will leverage all its diverse business assets to create a “3D world” encompassing electronics, games and 3D content. With this launch, Sony India forays into 3D with LCD TVs, Blu-ray Disc products, Digital Still Cameras, Projectors, PlayStation, Movies & Games. […]