ZOOTOUT.COM – Local Lifestyle Recommendation Engine

zootout-logoZOOTOUT.COM is basically a local Lifestyle Recommendation Engine. It is a platform which provides visitors its explored recommendation for there several day-to-day queries, which further helps them to choose the best option for them.

It has currently started with food, and soon are coming up in other segments like- beauty, apparels, sale, events, shopping etc.

ZOOTOUT helps the consumers to discover the foods & restaurants around the city, also it helps them what to eat out now in their respective cities. Instead of providing menus, we are providing the specialty of restaurants. By specialty it means, what are the famous & tasty dishes in that particular restaurant. Suppose you are searching to have a Burger in the City, we will filter the best search results to you where is the best burger available around the city. We also let the users to put the specialty or famous dishes of restaurants in ZOOTOUT and after verifying by us we finally put it on the website.

What can people do on ZOOTOUT.COM?

As a Zooter you can use Zootout.com for variety of reasons-

  1. Discover the place where you’ll get your desired Dish.[advt]
  2. Find out the Specialty Dish that you’ll get at place you are about to visit.
  3. Share / Love / Like food or drink, and make your contribution in making suggestion/recommendation of Zootout.com, better.
  4. Follow Food Experts / Personalities / Friends, to discover what people like where, and what are they talking about.
  5. Most importantly, Guide. It helps Zooters to get most useful, relevant and updated recommendations.

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