Zero Assumption Recovery – Data Recovery Solution for Damaged HDD

Zero Assumption Recovery is a comprehensive read-only data recovery solution – ZAR tools extract data from the damaged HDD to another medium (typically an additional HDD), leaving the original disk intact. Working from within Windows, ZAR can recover FAT16/32 and NTFS (including NTFS5) volumes. ZAR supports long and/or national file names and NTFS compression. Typical recoverable damage profiles include volumes accidentally formatted, corrupted by a virus or ill-behaved software, due to power failure or as a side effect of overclocking and so on.

ZAR Data Recovery is suitable for home users and small businesses who need a powerful data recovery solution for Windows FATNTFS, Linux ext/2/3/4, and XFS file systems. The default settings are reliable and thorough, but more technical users can benefit from a wealth of optional configurations.

Download Zero Assumption Recovery


  • Runs on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
  • Supported Windows filesystems are FAT16FAT32 and NTFS (all versions)
  • [advt]Supported Linux filesystems are ext2/3/4 and XFS
  • Partition recovery
  • RAID0 and RAID5 recovery
  • Long and national file names are supported
  • Native NTFS compression is supported


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