Zenfolio – Upload Images and Create Professional Photo Galleries

Zenfolio is the best in online photo viewing experience with a flexible shopping cart. The service is easy to use, and offers many powerful features. The service includes photo hosting, drag & drop image uploader, theme and layout editor and print ordering. Zenfolio distinguishes itself from other photo management services by focusing on helping users create professional photo galleries that have individual flair.

With Zenfolio, you can create and customize professional-looking galleries using advanced Web interface and organize and structure your photographs so that you and your visitors can easily find them and view.


From standards-based IPTC tags to full EXIF support your photographs show every detail including captions, titles, file and exposure info, searchable keywords and categories. Zenfolio gives you powerful tools allowing you to be efficient and organized.

With Zenfolio, you can display your large, clear images using the best interface on the web. Your choice of elegantly designed, ad-free pages puts every photo at your fingertips.


  • Rapid image loading and navigation[advt]
  • Easy organization into groups, collections, and galleries
  • Storing full-size files with no need to resize
  • Personalized searchable captions, titles, and keywords
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth

You can easily upload your photos to their hosting service using an uploader tool like Flickr’s Uploadr. Once your photos are uploaded you can create clean pages for photo gallery viewing. They also have a photo downloader that is great for mass downloads.

Zenfolio lets you mess with themes, designs and colors so you can create a really individual page. For all Zenfolio’s focus on gallery page individualization, they should let users get rid of the Zenfolio branding or let them embed their Zenfolio page into their own sites.

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